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Mr. Gehry Maybe Didn't Get Paid For Everything By Mr. Bruce

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It's got to suck worse than a damned Electrolux being the world's most famous starchitect, having your name dragged through the mud over a controversial project at the apex of your career and, then, maybe not getting paid for all your work. The possible de-Frank Gehryfication of Atlantic Yards continues with some additional details on yesterday's bombshell supplied by Jotham Sederstrom in today's Daily News. Check this out:

"Almost all the people working on the Brooklyn project got laid off," said a source familiar with the cuts who claimed the developer had refused to pay Gehry additional costs for design revisions. "Basically, he's not willing to pay.""He" would be someone named Bruce Ratner. Other heartwarming detail: the 24 people working on Atlantic Yards were let go the day before Thanksgiving. And, uh, yeah, many of the designs have yet to be completed. Per the News: "The answer is yes, of course there is design work left to be done, and, no, there are no new images to release," said Ratner spokesman Joe DePlasco. Also, there is the possibility that the relationship between Gehry and Ratner is completely severed and that if the arena is ever built it could end up looking like, well, your average ass-ugly arena. The Gehrmeister, meanwhile, ain't talking. He refused to return more than a dozen phone calls and e-mails and no longer has a media spokesperson.
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