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"This is a total BS. You can look up any cost of living calculator and see that here in NYC we pay the highest income/personal taxes and have a variety of other expenses that people do not have in many other cities. For example, parking rates, various fees, traffic and parking tickets are outrageously expensive here. You can easily get a $115 ticket for forgetting to put another quarter in a meter. The subway is also getting more expensive next year, while salaries are either frozen or going down. The way I see it, they should have considered all the other options of cutting expenses and even some services before raising property taxes. For many middle class people this will make even harder to pay the bills and make a living in the city. That will also impact many local small business as people will have less money to spend. In such difficult times you want to stimulate demand, not raise taxes on the middle class." [No One Will Have to Listen to Property Tax BS for a While]