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Janers Take To The Bowery

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Turnout was light but emotions were high at Jane Hotel residents' protest outside the Bowery Hotel (yeah, it's kind of confusing) last night, Vanishing New York reports. There are 38 people left in the Jane's tenants' association, "some paying as much as $1,000 a month for a room without a bathroom or kitchen," who are rallying against alleged harassment and bad conditions at the recently glammed SRO hotel: "One woman showed me a book of photos of hallways under construction with crumbling walls, exposed wires, rats, open jugs of toxic chemicals. 'This is how we've been living for the past year. With them banging on our heads all day and night. And do you know what they do? These snooty people tell us, Shhh...we have guests.' They tell us to shush!'" [VNY; previously]