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No One Will Have to Listen to Property Tax BS for a While

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Citizens of New York, thank the higher power of your choice this morning. No longer will anyone have to listen to the mind numbing BS about the Mayor's property tax increase or the pissy little fight between him and the City Council over sending out those $400 rebate checks. No more pained photos of Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. (That alone is reason enough to go out and get a good stiff drink.) It is, mercifully, over. The bad news is, the City Council okayed that 7 percent property tax increase the Mayor really wanted. The good news is that people will be able to use their $400 property tax rebate checks--which will now be going out--to pay for it. Makes perfect progressive policy sense, right? Increase taxes so you can send out a rebate.The tax increase will bring in $1.2 billion, so the city will only get 90 percent as screwed as it otherwise would in terms of service and spending cuts. In what could be famous last words one Council Member told a reporter: "Even though it won’t be popular, New Yorkers will understand." Interesting. We never knew that a word that starts with "F" and ends in "K" was a sign of understanding. But now we know. NYC is the City of Understanding! This can be explained to our tourist friends who will be paying hotel taxes increases from 5 percent to 5.875 percent per room to raise $80 million. Eh, pocket change.
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