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MTA's Oculus, Still on Life Support, Will Live to See 2009

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In the wake of the MTA's "doomsday" budget, our beloved Metropolitan Transportation Authority had another chance to finally kill off the Fulton Street Transit Center's domed glass oculus, the critically-praised design element that the MTA has shrunk several times and pretty much admitted they don't have the money to build. But the damn thing just won't die! MTA Executive Director Lee Sander is quoted in the Downtown Express saying, "We have a couple of different options for what’s above ground, the issue is really figuring out how we pay for it." He added that he was "highly confident" something will be built above street level, which has been the MTA's vague stance since failing to deliver a new plan for the WTC-area subway terminal by last February's deadline. Downtown Express also reports that the MTA's president of capital construction said the station will be "similar to what you've seen," though, we're not sure if he means similar to the released designs, or similar to the business-ruining, traffic-snarling gaping maw that Broadway and Fulton Street has become. Either/or.
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