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Adventures in Marketing: No Pain, No Gain

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After 3 months on the market, one broker has obviously reached their wit's end. Time to lift the veil, folks: It's expensive as hell to make a property stand out -- especially in this market. Brokers and their firms shoulder the costs, with the expectation that they'll recoup it all with the sale. After 3 months on the market and a price drop from $825K to $750K, 115 East 9th Street hasn't wooed a buyer. Total marketing costs thus far: $3,302 and climbing. Watch our agent jump through flaming hoops after the jump.
· Anatomy of an Apt Sale: Marketing Costs [Urban Digs]
· Listing: 115 East 9th Street [Corcoran]

· Professional Photos: $525
· Floor Plan: $150
· Postcard mailing to building: $332
· Postcard mailing to my personal mail list: $275
· 5 line NY Times ads @ $100 each = $900
· Selected for Corcoran Taxi Cab Ads (ad runs one week): $500
· Ad put in Properties For Living Magazine (distribution of 150,000): $500
· Table/Chairs purchased for staging balcony: $120
· NY Times on-line advertising for 3 months (87% of buyers start their search on-line): paid for by brokerage
· Ad sent to 200+ brokerage firms through MLS-type database: paid for by brokerage firm
· E-blast to 3,000+ contacts: paid for by brokerage firm
· Color Marketing Sheets: paid for by brokerage firm