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Curbed Roundtable: December State O' the Market Report

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The Paris Hilton era is over. Actually, make that the PARIS-HILTON-FLAUNT-MY-CASH-IN-YOUR-FACE era. That's how the latest Luxury Letter?put out by Elliman's Luxury Loft team?describes the recently expired go-go period of Manhattan luxury real estate, with its conspicuous consumption and excessive displays of wealth. So what will replace it? An era of "Conscious Luxury," the Luxury Letter claims. And what does that mean?

Design-wise, architects and designers (and developers when they return to the luxury market) will be challenged to deliver all the technology and conveniences this market expects while playing down the appearance and cost. In the new OBAMA-ERA, social consciousness and personal responsibility will spill over into all arenas. Anything excessive, wasteful or damaging to the environment will appear tacky, and anything that is discreet and conserves will be heralded as brilliant responsible.Which immediately got us thinking: Of all the luxury housing stock on the Manhattan market, what are the "conscious luxury" buildings perfect for these Obama days, and what are the ostentatious assholes? Is showy starchitecture?the 56 Leonards, 23 East 22nd Streets, HL23s and Beekman Towers?suddenly out of style? There are still rich folks out there, so where does luxury real estate go from here?
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