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Libeskind's Madison Ave. Tower Revealed: It's a Hover Tube!

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When it was reported last year that starchitect Daniel Libeskind was planning a massive residential skyscraper for developer Elad Properties on top of 1 Madison Avenue, it set off many worldwide press reports filled with rumors and erroneous information (adding confusion: the Clocktower is actually 3 Madison Avenue; the 60-story skyscraper being built nearby is One Madison Park). A Curbed reader even felt compelled to create that helpful graphic to explain that Libeskind was targeting the 14-story annex building to the landmark Clocktower. Amidst all the speculation, Libeskind never ponied up the goods, instead speaking of the tower only in elliptical references. This week's New York magazine finally reveals a glimpse of Libeskind's Madison Avenue design, and though the credit crunch has sapped some interest in the project, holy crap look at that thing! The 54-story condo?built on columns and hovering over the existing building?would top out at over 900 feet (the Clocktower is 700' tall, One Madison Park is just over 600'). Oh, and it's totally tubular.

The glass-curtained tube has cutaways spiraling up and around the facade, which are filled with sky gardens and private balconies. According to Libeskind, "We've taken space away [from the apartments] to create the gardens. It's as if nature has come back into the city." Very expensive and exclusive nature, of course?just like Mother Earth intended! This will most likely never get built, but according to an Elad spokesman, "The assumption is that by the time construction starts, we're going to be looking at a different economy." They just need to hope that all those Russians and top celebrities aren't tapped out by then. Apparently there's more information and diagrams in Libeskind's new book Counterpoint, so if anyone has it in their possession (we don't make hardcover money) send us a scan or two at
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One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010