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CurbedWire: Homebuying for Hipsters Returning!

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WILLIAMSBURG?If Homebuying for Hipsters is back it can only mean that our little Burg is alive! Alive! There's a new session of our fave real estate investment workshop for hipsters coming up next month. It'll be taking place this time at The Gibson, which is at Bedford and N. 11 from 6-8 on January 28. (Click to enlarge the image.) We're going to construe this as a happy metaphor for the future of Burg real estate since the Gibson rose from the troubled ashes of Triple Crown, which was shut down after endless complaints from the neighbors. If anything good could come from the Triple Crown nightmare, there's hope for even the most troubled Hot Karl in a shaky market. There's an interesting history to the HfH meetings. They've happened at places like Black Betty, Royal Oak, went to a DIY boutique on Graham Ave and the Treehouse. (A bit more about the history here.) At one point the seminars were edging toward Bushwick. Now they're back in the heart of happening Northside Burg, so who knows? [CurbedWire Inbox]