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Inside André Balazs's Standard: Holy High Line!

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As you may have heard, a little hotel called THE STANDARD soft-opened yesterday, nearly two years after first revealing itself to our prying eyes, almost one year after teasing us with its construction-monitoring webcam, and a few days before an initially rumored January 2009 debut. Why do we care so much about The Standard? Because it's built over, around and under the High Line. Because it's a Meatpacking District game-changer. Because it's André freakin' Balazs, and he's dreamy. We checked a couple of rooms out for ourselves and wandered around the property asking questions, and even though only 10 floors of Roman & Williams-designed rooms in the 18-story, 330-room hotel are ready?and public spaces such as the ground-level restaurant, 18th floor club/bar and the rooftop lounge are still under heavy construction and off limits, boy oh boy is there a lot to see. And if you want more, Eater has the scoop on the current state of the dining and nightlife programs.
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