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AIG Joins the Team at One BBP

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These are the days of rumors and intrigue when it comes to prominent developments. Case in point: One Brooklyn Bridge Park. We got an email late last week that said: "Rumor has it that The Developers Group & Stribling have lost this development. AIG is involved with their loan and things are getting messy. Supposedly, AIG has reps at the sales office and are auditing every deal." Pretty harsh stuff.

Stribling says there's nothing to it and that everyone's working together to sell units. Here is her response:

In fact, AIG and Stribling and the Developers Group are working hand in hand to jointly improve the quality of the sales presentation so that all the great amenities and different layouts can be presented to their best advantage. A representative of AIG regularly attends our meetings, and in a challenging market, we are working together as a team. We are very pleased to have the news that the Brooklyn Bridge Park is commencing the build out of the actual Park in January. If anything, working with AIG has been a very positive experience for all. Rumors often do not accurately reflect the positive reality of this working relationship.So, there you have it, straight from the source. Now, about that Blood in the Water Marketing Strategy...
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