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'Gateway to Williamsburg' Gets an 'Intricate' Tweak or Two

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The so-called Gateway to Williamsburg, aka 502 Metropolitan Avenue, the beauty of a building which will embrace Kellogg's Diner, has gotten some tweaks. The building is being developed by the Chetrit Group (although nothing has happened on the site in about six months) and marketed by the Winnick Group. A few weeks ago a sign appeared on the construction fence announcing that (whee!) the anchor tenant in the building would be (drum roll) Duane Reade. So, anyway, the Brooklyn Eagle got hold of an updated version of the rendering of Meltzer/Mandl's work on the building and it appears to be scaled back and a little less, uh, blue. The developer is describing it as "an extremely intricate project" with 14 floors, 140 rental units and an indoor parking garage. Duane Reade is taking 13,650 square feet and there are another 15,300 square feet available. We requested an updated rendering, but got no reply, so for now we only have the one that makes the building look, well, kind of shitty. In the meantime, we assume that there will be instant delivery for tenants from Kellogg's, which has to be one of the best amenities in all of Williamsburg. We'd expect nothing less from the Gateway to Williamsburg.
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