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Landlords Not Fixing the Damned Brooklyn Buildings

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Over the weekend, the Daily News wrote about 113 Brooklyn buildings that are horror shows of building code violations from leaky pipes to rats the size of cats where the city has been forced to make repairs. The total tab: $4 million. The 113 buildings are on the city's list of the 200 worst buildings in the city. One 75-year-old resident of a building in Bed-Stuy says: "The landlord abandoned this house. We have no heat, no hot water. But we got rats all over. We got roaches. Everything is rotten here." (That's 27 Beaver St. pictured, considered one of the city's worst. Click to enlarge.) The city spent about $250,000 to fix the building. Some of the worst buildings in the city are (surprise) in Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Prospect Heights and East New York. The city tries to get its money back from the landlords, generally by putting liens on the buildings and estimates it gets back about 90 cents on the dollar. Per the News the city says the "disproportionately high number of Brooklyn buildings in disrepair is due at least in part to a large number of old wood frame homes that need more maintenance than brick and brownstone houses." The Department of Housing Preservation and Development came out with a new list last month and another 120 Brooklyn buildings are on the list. Landlords have until March to make fixes and pay fines before the city does the work.
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Photo: Property Shark