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Terrible News: Brooklyn's 'Crazy Super' Gets Fired

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[Left photo via Right in Bay Ridge; right photos via BeehiveHairdresser]

What's the world coming to? Bay Ridge's famous (notorious) Crazy Super, Richard Martin, has gotten the boot. Noooooo. Crazy Super made the announcement himself, appropriately, in a 3:30AM call to Daily News reporter, adding an element of appropriate insanity to the news. Crazy Super said: "I'm losing my job as super of the building...I'm being fired. It's because of you and all that coverage - some Russian lady is buying the building and she asked me to leave. That means I'm losing my apartment - and my $150 a week - everything. I've done nothing wrong - I told the truth." Among other things, Crazy Super left signs threatening tenants and calling them "morons," "slobs" and "retarded." He was especially upset at how tenants handled their garbage. At one point, he placed the trash bins on the roof. At another, he left the trash in the hallway. Ah, all good things must come to an end. And just in time for the holidays. Damn.
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