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CurbedWire: More Lien Times at Sheffield 57, Trader John's?

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HELL'S KITCHEN?We were hoping that the Holiday Season meant a temporary reprieve from the madness that is Sheffield 57, but we are not so fortunate. An embedded tipster writes in with a two-pronged update on Kent Swig's controversial condo conversion, regarding the rent-stabilized tenants' 7A court proceedings, and the millions in unpaid bills owed to contractors: "On December 16, the litigating tenants' 7A court case was adjourned. Their lien stays on the building until the next court appearance in February 2009. Work in the building has come to a halt as the contractors walked off the job earlier in the month for non-payment. Welcome to Sheffield57 and surprise! Twenty-five new owners have been served with liens from the window installation company. Swig didn't pay the bills so the company is going after individual owners." Crap, return the clothes! [CurbedWire Inbox]

UNION SQUAREISH?The 14th Street Trader Joe's makes roughly $437 billion every second, so it's natural for imitators to pop up. But so close! A tipster writes: "The former Gristedes Supermarket located on West 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue is re-opening as a 'Trader John's' supermarket. I'm not quite sure what 'Trader John's' is all about but I'm thinking it might be similar to Trader Joe's. Who knows. The new store sign and awning have been hung." [CurbedWire Inbox]

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