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Liberty Inn: Curbed's Hot Sheet Hotel of Choice

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The Liberty Inn, a Flatiron-style wedge of a building?trapped on a traffic island floating between Tenth Avenue and the West Side Highway at 14th Street?has always been the type of place for a "romantic rendezvous." In fact, the Liberty Inn's website says so itself. Plus, the hotel only recently started taking overnight reservations. A relic of a different West Side, certainly, and that's the thing: now that the Meatpacking District is a world-famous playground for the rich, and the High Line?a few steps away?will open in the spring, the Liberty Inn happens to be sitting on quite the prime piece of property. So, will things change at 51 Tenth Avenue? One tipster certainly hopes not. Rather randomly, he e-mailed us the following note (we left the grammar mostly untouched to preserve its charm):

I am a frequent visitor to hourly hotel in the city, well, put it that way, i need some privacy with my ladies. I've been to most major ones that are recommended by people, but only to find myself coming back to Liberty Inn. the reason is, the cleanliness and the discrete location where I dont likely run into someone I know and try to stay away from. It's on 10th ave and 14th street surrounded by bars and high end boutique. The price are fair. 70 for three hours, but I always stay in one of the big jacuzzi rooms which costs my for about 85 but it's still a fair bargain considering the quality they have provided me. The check in/out is fast and discrete. I will highly recommend everyone to come here for a afternoon delight.Sure, that could be a shill (and what an awesome shill it would be!), but it poses an interesting new MePa pick-up strategy. Now you can meet that special someone at the bar at The Standard, then escort him/her/them one block north to the Liberty. Imagine the savings!
· Liberty Inn [] Photo: Flickr/SHY