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Curbed Inside: One Jackson Square Tops Off, Gets Curvy

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. Got a place for us to check out? Drop a line.

One Jackson Square, the great glassy undulating wonder of Greenwich Village?with the rather bitchin' sales office?topped out at 11 stories late last week, and the One Jax team invited our roving photog Will Femia to witness to the occasion. Luckily for us, he also got to snoop around the construction site and let us in on the results, giving us our best look yet at the curves and angles architect William Pedersen (also of One Jax dog house fame) dreamed up for this irregular-shaped lot wedged between Greenwich Avenue to the south, Eighth Avenue to the west and 14th Street to the north. The developer has been instrumental (read: financially generous) in the clean-up of Jackson Square, the tiny triangle park seen down below. Miss the derelict Jackson Square of old? Then you certainly won't be interested in one of the 13 remaining listings in the 35-unit building.
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One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006