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On the Racked: Many '08 Recaps, Burger King Body Spray Shortage, Shop Forever But Not at H&M

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1) Everywhere: It is the time for Racked's 2008 Recaps, and they are not to be missed. There's the worst windows of 08, the year in stunts, the best sales floor clusterf*cks and the Top Five unending lines. So far.

2) Everywhere: Hell no! An "epic Burger King Body Spray shortage" is rocking New York and the stuff is going for unbelievable prices on eBay. All so you can smell like a Whopper.

3) West Village: Fassbinder has reappeared. The little jewelry shop that disappeared from the West Village this summer has reopened around the corner at 632 Hudson Street.

4) Everywhere: Well, there will be many opportunities to shop 24 hours a day tonight until some point tomorrow. But not at H&M.