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Perfect Timing: Model Sells at Boxed-In Bowery Building

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Fashion models have already won the genetic lottery, so it's criminally unfair when they luck out in other, less beauty-driven ways. Like, for instance, in the case of Shalom Harlow. Last week, we reported that beloved architect Karl Fischer would be adding a seven-story building to the Bowery, just a few doors to the north of Norman Foster's planned 10-story art gallery at 257 Bowery. That was unfortunate news for the building at 259 Bowery, specifically its rooftop addition, one of the first "luxury" residences on the new-and-improved Bowery. Little did we know that when we pointed that red "ouch" arrow at 259 Bowery, we were aiming directly into Shalom Harlow's fifth-floor apartment.

One day later, Big Time Listings reported that Harlow sold the 1BR, 1BA, 1,450-square-foot condo for $1.9 million. The deal closed back in September, the day after we broke the Foster story. Hopefully the buyer did his/her due diligence. If not, it's not a complete disaster. Per the floorplan, it looks like only one exposure (to the north) will be blocked by incoming construction. That is, if these new projects see the light of day at all. Still: Ouch!
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