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Number of Homeless Families at Record Level

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There's a reason we put up a post about tree sweaters a little while ago: we knew the next post was going to be some depressing shit. Per today's Times," the number of homeless families with children entering New York City shelters hit a record high last month, climbing more than 40 percent from the same period last year, according to figures released on Monday by the Department of Homeless Services." The number of homeless families in the city shelter system also hit a record of 9,720. That's the highest number since the city started counting 25 years ago. Everybody is pretty much attributing the depressing trend to the recession. In November, 1,343 families moved into the shelter system. Back in 2004, the Bloomberg Administration announced a plan to cut homelessness by two-thirds by next year. Oops on that. Also homeless advocates are ripping Gov. Paterson's "draconian" cuts in money for the city for homeless prevention.
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