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Standard Guest: Hotel is 'Not For Your Mommy and Daddy'

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After we posted the results (some of the results, we should say?stay tuned in '09!) of our stay inside André Balazs's new Standard hotel hovering over the High Line in the Meatpacking District, discussion in the comments covered everything from the views to the interior design to the transparent showercubes. At times the conversation became heated, and though it's only been open for four days, a few folks who claim to have stayed in the hotel have chimed in to defend the future partiers' paradise (most of the fun stuff isn't up and running yet). Hey, TripAdvisor doesn't have any user reviews of The Standard up yet, so people need to read about it somewhere, right?

1) "I stayed there, and it was great experience. look, its not for your mommy and daddy, or your grannies hotel. Its sexy, and its fun. And I don't think they mean to hide that this is where you go to have a good time. So for all those complaining about the shower, do the rest of us a favor and stay home and knit in front in from of the TV, or whatever it is you do that is devoid of sensuality, humor and good fun. Happy Holidays!"

2) "I been staying here a few days. Quite pleasantly surprised. The staff is great - Modular Scandinavian Hippie design is comfortable. Fixtures (Duravit/Agape), tile, and fabrics are great. LOADS of light. And it is NEW. The ACE is totally different with recycled/found stuff - the next thing - Think Antwerp (ACE) vs. Copenhagen (Standard.) The Maritime will feel this."

3) "Currently staying at the Standard and really really pleased with the staff and the guest rooms. Superb bed, amazing views and comfortable rooms. Really unfair to judge it until you experience it in person. Glad to be in a hotel with a distinct point of view and guts to march to its own beat. Bravo Balazs!"
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