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Riding the Bus With Lord Norm

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With the MTA toying with bringing back double-decker buses to the streets of NYC, clearly London had to do something interesting so as not to lose their identity as the wacky bus capital of the world. Enter the "New Bus For London" design competition, which recently announced its winning entries. Our favorite: a solar-harnessing concept from Aston Martin and Norman Foster's Foster + Partners firm. Starchibusture? Why not?! Here are the other winners. [Dezeen]

Ok, I have been a broker for 4 years now and always had some good sales volume in Long Island City but the recent economy has slowed it down the past 2 months. Now all of a sudden I have picked up volume all because of some Holiday Lights that has Vernon Blvd blazing. It seems the recent influx of calls to my office are from people that drove thru Vernon Blvd to another destination. I was quite amazed at how many people took notice that never did before but to my surprise was upon further investigation on the www.queenswest website that it was Avalon Bay and Rockrose Corp that funded this Blaze of lights and the Hunters Point Community Development Corp that was responsible. I don't get it but this sales gimmick is working for Rockrose and Avalon Bay and also helping me make sales.

So all in the past year Long Island City has Duane Reade,Food Cellar,and now a community that cares along with some Army Navy Store that is attracting people. I don't get it but it works !