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Jane Hotel Guests Can't Handle 'Gritty, Old' Underpants

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When Jane Hotel (née Hotel Riverview) operator Sean MacPherson said the communal bathrooms in his SRO-to-boutique-hotel conversion added to the "gritty, old New York quality" of the Far West Village former flophouse, visions of fashionistas opening restroom doors?only to find old-timer tenants in their tighty whities?danced in our heads. And hold on to your knickers, ladies, it's actually happening! With those holdout tenants now protesting living conditions at the Jane, the Observer's Christ Shott has a word with the leader of the Jane Street Hotel Tenants Association (there are reportedly 38 full-time tenants left in the Jane following several evictions). She mentioned an ongoing, shall we say, clash of cultures:

"Some of the female guests are appalled that there are male tenants running around in their underwear when they go to the bathrooms that everyone shares," Ms. Oltremare noted. "Remember, they are guests and this is our home, so many of the tenants have done this for years."Not that hotel guests would want to spend much time in the bathrooms, anyway. The Jane was cited twice in October for failing to provide hot running water. It was shrinkage, we swear!
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