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Yuletide Fear in Coney Island: Entire Boardwalk For Lease

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Coney Island woke up this morning to huge FOR LEASE signs affixed to every building on the boardwalk, including famed institutions such as Ruby's, which had been seeking a new lease from Coney landlord Thor Equities as late as last week. The drama started last night, with phone calls about evictions and the signs going up. Apparently owners will be offered new leases by December 30th, but the rumor is that rents may triple. Here is an early morning email we got along with the photos seen above:

Thor has said we are to have leases in hand next week - the bordwalk's D day is Dec 30th - not new years eve. At that time we will know our amounts and decide if there will be a 2009 season. Every business pays a seperate amount. Everyone has been hit from Paul & Gregory's to Grill House...There is a conference call today is all I know so far from owners...This may just be a tactic move on Thors part to push city and owners. We hope.
Scare tactics on Christmas Eve? Happy holidays, indeed.
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