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Ask Curbed: Calling All Nondos!

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Here's a question that more than a few home hunters will be happy to have answered. Writes a Curbed reader: "I'm coming on the end of my lease and am really interested in renting in one of the new (and seemingly plentiful) condos that have gone fully or partial rental. I'm sure I’m not the only one thinking of going this route. Do you have a handy list of some of the buildings in Lower Manhattan that have turned?" We know that 20 Pine is getting more and more renter friendly, and the Greenwich Club and Rector Square have oodles of rental listings, though we think in those cases it's the units' buyers that are doing the offering. But let's not limit this to FiDi and its environs. What are the recent citywide condo-to-rental shifts? Lay it on us in the comments, svp. [Ask Curbed archive]