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Thor Equities #1 in Statement Signage

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Coney Island is still reeling from its early Christmas present from megalandlord Thor Equities: a whole bunch of signs! Yes, pretty much every Coney business is now evicted/homeless/for rent/etc., a hand-forcing bit of strategy in the run-up to lease renewals (or non-renewals, as it may very well turn out) for the 2009 season. Gowanus Lounge has some more thoughts on this Hammer of Thor offensive, including some photos taken from a haunting Flickr photo set titled "Christmas Day in Coney Island 2009." Says the photographer RE: the above: "Does Thor Equities get some discount on signs like this? The thing is huge!"
· Christmas Day in Coney Island 2009 [Flickr/jackszwergold]
· Coney Island Deathwatch: FOR LEASE [GL]