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Door Prizes: Three-Year Discount at LES's Ludlow Lofts

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The Lower East Side is a magical neighborhood where beat-up old tenements are transformed into glitzy party dens overnight. Don't you want to live there?! Now you can! The Ludlow Lofts, a combination of converted buildings on a scruffy block below Delancey Street, is now 50% sold and itching to clear out the remaining stock. Five of the six unsold condos in the 12-unit development have recently undergone some significant pricechops, nearing 20% in some instances. That's according to StreetEasy as well as the listings (six months ago, did you think brokers would soon be eager to slap "MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION" in bold on top of their listings?), which also include the following buyers' incentive: "sponsor will pay your common charges up to $1,000 per month for 3 years!" This is the second round of price cuts on the Ludlow Lofts. The above photo gallery comes from our previous coverage of #3B, a full-floor 3BR unit that was asking $1.44M in February. Now it's yours for $1.2M. At the time, Curbed readers thought the pricing was a bit of a reach for the BelDel. One market slowdown later, they're right!
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