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Metropolitan Cinema & Apts. Finally Shows Itself to the Burg

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It is a huge day in Williamsburg friends. Yesterday, the scaffolding started coming down from the exterior of 136 Metropolitan Avenue, aka the Metropolitan Cinema and Apartments a project with which we've been obsessed since we first caught wind of it back in 2006. Today, we sent roving photog Will Femia on a mission to gather photographic evidence of this new architectural wonder and what it actually looks like. And here it is in all its glory designed by Caliper Studio. The zinc exterior. The glass discs that will be illuminated from behind by LED lights. The ground floor remnants of the original building where, someday, people will sip concoctions made of prosecco and exotic tropical berry extracts while discussing Troma. Or throw up on themselves from reflecting too deeply on the Ingmar Bergman they just caught in the 168-seat Casandra Cinema after having consumed too much Chimay, M&Ms and popcorn. Target opening date is Spring '09. Can you feel the joy and insightful, inebriated, ironic discussions?
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136 Metropolitan Avenue,Brooklyn,NY