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Rental Reality: $3K in Gramercy, Union Square, UES

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Welcome to Rental Reality, Curbed's look at the market we all love to hate. Today's challenge: We rolled through Gramercy, Union Square, and the UES with $3,000. Shopper's survey says ...

WHAT: 2 bedrooms, Gramercy
HOW MUCH: $3,000 (no fee *or* security deposit)
KNOWN: All utilities included. Floor plan present and accounted for. New renovation, nice finishes. Concierge, gym, wifi lounge -- we smell condos. PS: This is a flex 2-bedroom.
UNKNOWN: No security deposit? Seriously? Desperation, or scam.
REALITY INDEX: Red flag on the "no security deposit" bit. We'll drop what may have been a 90% down to 80% (maybe a little lower?) on account of that, and hope our suspicions are unfounded.

WHAT: 3 bedrooms; 16th, a couple of blocks off Union Square
HOW MUCH: $3,000 (no fee)
KNOWN: Well, there's a floor plan. Utilities are included. Fully renovated, concierge -- the usual stuff found in new construction.
UNKNOWN: "This is the actual floorplan and pictures of the place." Like hell is is -- there's no way this listing resemble the Utopian pics shown here.
REALITY INDEX: This one feels sleezy -- just too damn cheap given its alleged size and location, even in these unsteady economic times. Gotta be a catch somewhere. 80%. Maybe less -- we're feeling generous.
· $3000 / 3br - ENORMOUS Living & Dining Rm, NO FEE, NO Utility BiLL's [Craigslist]

WHAT: 1 bedroom; Upper East Side (87th and 3rd)
HOW MUCH: $3,000 just reduced from $3,495 (no fee) Short term OK.
KNOWN: Newly renovated; drive through entrance, landscaped park, doorman. Zoned PS20, in case you're planning on jamming the fam into one bed.
UNKNOWN: Utility sitch -- individually controlled heat and A/C. Size (we're seeing a lot of floor plans these days, even in rental listings -- wouldn't mind one here).
REALITY INDEX: Feeling pretty good about this one -- a broker obviously wants to move it. 90%
$3000 / 1br - NO FEE, SHORT TERM OK- Reduced from $3495!!!!!!!!