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NYU to Cash-Strapped Students: Have You Looked at CUNY?

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With a brand new Abu Dhabi campus on the way and extremely ambitious expansion plans in the works, it would seem that NYU could be hit pretty hard by the recession (we're calling it that, right?). To achieve its goals, the school must keep shoveling tuition money into the giant furnace of progress, which poses another quandary: Isn't the worldwide financial turmoil affecting NYU students and their families as well? According to an NYU financial aid pamphlet forwarded to us by a tipster, yes. And NYU, always so generous, has "prepared a contingency plan" for these unfortunate souls: pack up your shit go to CUNY. Increasing financial aid, of course, would divert funds from far more pressing matters such as acquiring Irish condos and defiling old houses of worship. Adds our angry NYUer, "I think it's pretty fucked up that NYU can't give its students decent financial aid even though [NYU President] John Sexton flies to Abu Dhabi every other week and we keep buying new buildings all over the city." Kids today!

UPDATE: An NYU spokesman says the flyer is a fake, while a commenter on NYU Local says the John Sexton quote that tops it is real. SCANDAL.