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Bleecker Street Refuses to Accept Mallification, Christmas

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Not every Greenwich Villager is ready to give up on Bleecker Street, a popular shopping mall known for its cupcake refuse and 4,000 Marc Jacobs stores. Recently, we've seen residents attempt to silence tour buses on Bleecker, as well as street artists fighting back against crass displays of consumerism. Now, via Eater, someone relays the tale of a local acting out against a real scourge: a plastic singing Santa. We cut to the scene inside the appetizingly named New York Hot Dog & Coffee:

So I was eating my bulgogi dog and minding my own business when a woman cruises in and demands to speak to the manager. The only employees there seemed to be the children of the owner - American teenagers all - but this woman spoke to them like children, as if they didn't speak English. 'You need to get that thing out of here immediately, that just can't be outside there,' she said. 'You're not allowed to have that on Bleecker Street!' she continued. When one of the workers asked why, she said, at the top of her lungs, 'Because it's disgusting, vile, and offensive.' I couldn't tell whether she was motivated by religious concerns or aesthetic ones - probably some mix of both...Another fierce footsoldier in the War On Christmas, I guess."

And the Naughty list grows by one.
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