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Another Day, Another Load of Atlantic Yards Fun

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So, work by developer Forest City Ratner's subcontractors on the Vanderbilt Railyard, atop which the Atlantic Yards development would be built, has stopped. Why? Atlantic Yards Reports says that a spokesperson for the Empire State Development Corp. says "they've done all the preliminary work they can complete until the lawsuits are taken care of." But Norman Oder opines, "that explanation doesn't wash, leading me to speculate that Forest City Ratner might be hedging its bets on completing the work or having cash-flow difficulties." The best stuff today, though, is the exchange between Nets President Brett Yormark and Craig Carton on WFAN.

Here's the transcript of the interview. CC is Craig Carton of WFAN and BY is Brett Yormark of the Nets (the latest rumor is that he's going to work for the Miami Dolphins):

CC: "Let's get down to the bottom line. You're not moving to Brooklyn."
BY: "We are moving to Brooklyn."
CC: "You're not moving to Brooklyn."
BY: "We're moving to Brooklyn."
CC: "Why can't you come clean and just be honest. How are you moving to Brooklyn? They haven't put a shovel in the ground yet... Give me a realistic time frame."
(This was before it emerged that work has stopped at the Vanderbilt Yard.)
BY: "A realistic time frame is in Brooklyn, operating in the summer of 2011, being there for the 11-12 season."
CC: "So three years from this season... and you will bounce a basketball in an arena in Brooklyn in three years?"

BY: "Absolutely. Convinced of it."And so the ball bounces. Also, it turns out Sports Business Journal has ranked the Nets the third worst brand name in all of professional sports. The good news is that the Knicks rank even lower.
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