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Rent Wars: Landlords Win at Manhattan House, Sheffield57

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A new twist in the plight of market-rate renters at massive condo conversions Manhattan House on the Upper East Side and Sheffield57 near Columbus Circle. The tenants have been fighting off eviction by invoking the Martin Act, a state law that aims to protect tenants from losing their homes due to condo and co-op conversions. In 2007, a housing court judge blocked the eviction of 23 market-raters at Sheffield57, and the same judge has been mixed up in the same sort of business with 29 renters at Manhattan House. Today, The Real Deal reports that a New York State appeals court overturned the rulings, arguing that "since the leases had expired prior to the state Attorney General accepting the 'red herring' plan, which outlines the specifics of the conversion, the Martin Act does not protect them." According to a lawyer that worked with tenants on both cases, the Manhattan House tenants are deciding whether or not to appeal the decision. Will Sheffield developer Kent Swig fire up the band in celebration? They probably do a mean rendition of "We Are the Champions."
· Landlords score in Manhattan House and Sheffield57 cases [Real Deal]

Manhattan House

200 East 66th Street, New York, NY