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The State of Adam Gordon's Bond Street Empire

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Self-storage kingpin/real estate developer Adam Gordon is quickly joining the ranks of the Bommers and Bronfmans in the pantheon of Manhattan's most brash real estate wheelers and dealers. Through Corcoran's esteemed Robby Browne, Gordon is listing the limestone mansion at 26 West 76th Street for $25M (bought in '06 for $5.8 million) and the townhouse at 60 Jane Street for $6.65M (after perhaps deeming it unworthy of a Steven Harris renovation, as many of Gordon's properties get). But it's Gordon's pair of Bond Street holdings?the Bouwerie Lane Theater and 41 Bond that we love to speculate on, and in this weeks Observer, Max Abelson checks in with the "dreamy" Gordon (per Gawker) and gets the latest scoop on his Bond beauties.

1) Bouwerie Lane Theater: Rather famously, Gordon bought the achingly gorgeous cast-iron Bowery building for $15 million, and is selling it for $36M. Gordon says he is pumping more than $10 million into the renovation, which is "four-fifths" complete. Besides the ground-floor retail spaces, there are two full-floor apartments and a penthouse triplex, which will hit the market as individual listings early next year if the single-family mansion thing doesn't pan out. Gordon on the building: "I try to have an inspiration, and this was 'grand decay.' It would be the kind of place your uncle might have had if he came from Italy—Florence!—and ran low on money in the ’70s, but had great taste and wonderful historic pieces."

2) 41 Bond: The Steven Harris-designed building, what would be the first new structure in the newly extended Noho Historic District, appears to be on hold. Gordon is waiting for the financial markets to "regain a pulse" before moving ahead on the eight-story, eight-unit limestone cutie pie. Says Gordon, "The people who are flowing into a lot of these properties are still extremely wealthy, and if a guy was worth $160 million and now he’s worth $110 million, that’s still plenty. He just needs to get off the dime and feel that he’s going to get a fair deal." That's coming from a certified heartthrob, so it must be true!
· Self-Storage King Asks $61 M. for Townhouse and Bond Street Castle in 'Grand Decay' [NYO]

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