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Madison Mania: Libeskind Shows You How His Gardens Grow

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The Architect's Newspaper Blog has scanned and posted the renderings of Daniel Libeskind's Madison Square skyscraper, the 54-story hover tube the starchitect has designed to sit on top of 1 Madison Avenue. The long rumored "New York Tower," as Libeskind calls it, appears in his new book Counterpoint and was finally revealed to the masses this week. AN also chatted with Libeskind about the 900-foot-tall spiral of sky gardens and luxury apartments, and he said, "This is not a building about a shape or a facade. It's really a building about how New York goes forward, how to build and live in a high-density Manhattan." Alrighty then. The New York Tower would rise over the Park Avenue side of the 14-story building, so as not to completely overwhelm Madison Square Park and the Clocktower. Now, the disclaimer. According to a spokesman for developer Elad Properties, the images "were made at least a year ago, for publication purposes, and no longer reflect the current state of the project." Which of course is code for, "the Chinese marble is still held up at customs."
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