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CurbedWire: Times Square is Smutty Again, Loft 25 Chops

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TIMES SQUARE?These being troubled times, it is the establishments that hone in our vices that prosper. Like jiggle palaces! A tipster sends photos of some giant billboards for Midtown "mammary mecca" (credit: Page 6) Rick's Cabaret (& Steakhouse!) recently installed at 49th Street and Seventh Avenue, on the building that houses Hawaiian Tropic Zone, rather appropriately. The horizontal shot doesn't do the signage justice, so check out the verticals in the gallery above, including the photo with the former Lehman Brothers headquarters in the foreground. Priceless! [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA?A morose Curbed tipster writes, "Loft 25 just had a bunch of huge price cuts. Not news I guess but still it is what it is." What are you the developer? Buddy, cheer up! StreetEasy shows a handful of healthy cuts in the converted industrial building. [CurbedWire Inbox]