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Dice Rolling 15 CPW Flipper Finds Buyer

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Casino magnate Richard Fields purchased a 3BR apartment on the 38th floor of 15 Central Park West's "Tower" building for $13.35 million over the summer. Out of kindness to those who didn't get in on the ground floor at 15 CPW, he re-listed the apartment for $35 million. When his kindness went unrewarded, he trimmed his asking price down to $31.5 million. Today The Real Deal reports that a buyer has closed on this Fields of dreams, but for how much? Take a moment to make your guess before we reveal the answer. Done? OK. It sold for $27 million, netting Fields twice what he paid, but not quite what he had in mind (We'll assume he's still happy with the results). As Kenny Rogers once sang, somewhere in the darkness, the gambler he broke way more than even.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023