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NYU: Bigger Than Jesus

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New York University has been trying to snatch up the church at 58 Washington Square South since the '90s, and good things come to those academic institutions that wait: Big Purple has won approval to buy the property from the Archdiocese of New York for $25 million, The Real Deal reports. A sale of the Thompson Street building, known as the Catholic Center at New York University, needed a judge's go-ahead because the deal involves a religious organization. According to the Villager, this most recent deal for the church has been in the works since 2007, when NYU prez John Sexton said the university would develop the site with a new building?around seven stories tall?featuring classrooms, an interfaith center and possibly offices. It's all part of NYU's voracious expansion plans, but it's not the school's biggest acquisition this month. TRD notes that NYU also purchased a 10-story Broadway building for $210 million.
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