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Deep Inside Real World Brooklyn

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[Photo courtesy Billy Parker/Gothamist]

Well, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. MTV let Gothamist into the Real World Brooklyn House in Red Hook to shoot many photos, chat with the cast and gather details that one can decide whether one wants to know. We'll say this of the place: it's loaded down with Brooklyn tchotchkes that real Brooklynites wouldn't have: a Brooklyn license tag in a fish tank, a Red Hook Brooklyn life preserver, a book about Fairway, some Junior's cups, a Brooklyn graffiti art painting, etc., etc. We also think we see a little Statue of Liberty and some literature. We learn that several cast members may go live in Stuy Town (spin off?). And one of the cast members is transgender and named Katelynn. There's plenty more detail for those that want to read. Also, the cast members will be appearing on a panel tomorrow at the Paley Center called "Same City, New Borough: The Real World Does Brooklyn." The words "Brooklyn Rising" appear above that. Thank God for that. Now we know.
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