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On the Racked: White Chassis on Bleecker, Calm Outside & Chaotic Inside, Fake AA Ads Become Real

And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) West Village: The holiday season has hit Bleecker Street. Per Racked: "Ralph has his plaid pedi-cabs, Marc brought in a swan boat and now Bond No. 9 is seeking to outclass everyone with their slick white chassis." This baby is parked across from the store and has a perfume caddy within easy reach in the backseat.

2) Soho: What's calm on the outside and chaotic withing? Why it's the Botkier sale, of course, and Racked has the pics.

3) Soho: Have tissues nearby--Shoe store Té Casan, a favorite that worked with lesser-known designers to put together limited-edition shoe collections has gone belly up. As in, very, very, very dead.

4) Everywhere: Remember those porny totally fake American Apparel ads that were total Photoshops jobs? Well, AA has collected Stereohell's images into a real ad on the back cover of November's Vice magazine. Racked asks, "Isn't the hipster circle of life a beautiful thing?"