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Paging the Concierge: Rich Pass on the Poupon

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Concierge services are kicking back and chillaxing, as economic forces have prompted even the ultra rich to cool their $60,000 private jets; so-called "fleeting" luxuries are being swapped out for "educational" experiences. (Think: shark diving in South Africa, shooting baby elephants in Zaire -- little weekend jaunts.) However, firms are cautioning their attachés to to remain sensitive to clients' woes as the holidays approach -- the Joneses are still there to be kept up with, after all. All of this penny pinching poses an ironic vindication of sorts for those stuck slogging through the dirty work: The concierge industry has barely been touched by the housing crisis -- the amenity ante only goes up as developments desperately shill for new buyers with oft-superfluous value adds. Turn down service? Check!
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