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Inside 11 Spring: Here's What Lachlan Murdoch Left Behind

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With a new marketing team, new prices and a new identity (or rather, an old one reborn), Nolita's gorgeously restored and renovated 11 Spring opened its doors for a Curbed visit earlier this week?our first trip inside the former mystery building since construction finished up over the summer. No need to get into the long history of the Candle Building turned graffiti Mecca turned aborted Lachlan Murdoch mansion turned three-unit condo development (that's what the archives are for!). Here's a bit of new news: "The Loft"?the 2BR, 2BA simplex that is the thin slice of meat in the 11 Spring sandwich?is currently off the market because, per new 11 Spring broker Jennifer Ireland, the buyers of the penthouse triplex and lower-levels "Carriage House" will have the option to purchase the extra 2,000 square feet of space. The current listings reflect the prices with and without The Loft tossed in. Of course, someone can just buy the whole damn thing for $36.5 million. Anyway, enough talk. We waited forevs to get inside 11 Spring, and now that we made it out alive, we feel like sharing.
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11 Spring Street

11 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012