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It's Official: We Now Have the 'Atlantic Yards Halt'

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Forget the Atlantic Yards Stall. That little halt in work at the Vanderbilt Yard that we noted yesterday via AYR? Well, the Daily News gets confirmation from Forest City Ratner that work has stopped. Abruptly. Forest City Ratner spokesperson Joe DePlasco tells Jotham Sederstrom that, "As we said this fall we anticipate additional delays because of a pending court case...Over the last two years, we've prepared the site for the next steps. We've gone about as far as we can go at this point with preliminary work, including sewer, track, infrastructure and utility work, along with demolition." (AYR's Norman Oder characterizes this statement as being like "Pinocchio.") Work won't resume until lawsuits are settled. In the meantime, the $100-million buy of the railyards from the MTA has also been delayed because of the litigation. Per an MTA spokesperson: "Closing on the sale of the Vanderbilt Yards has been delayed as the parties work through a number of issues, including outstanding litigation." Workers were laid off two weeks ago. Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn issued a press release around 10AM. Per Daniel Goldstein: "Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project is clearly in a dire financial situation... He is delaying his own project because of a serious lack of financing." Another entry on the Timeline of Despair. So, after all this, do we get the Atlantic Yards Revival or the Atlantic Yards Green-Wood Burial?
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