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The Gowanus Moment Arrives Again as 'Fringeville'

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Every six months or so, someone decides that Gowanus is becoming a cultural center of Brooklyn (not to mention a hotbed of hotels like Le Très, Très, Très Bleu and, uh, Super 8). This week, New York Magazine deems it "Fringeville," which isn't exactly like calling it the new Williamsburg, but it's better than focusing on that funky smell of crap coming from the canal after a nice rain. NYM writes:

Gowanus has unmistakably become Brooklyn’s newest culture cluster. Anchored by a few large factory buildings that together house upward of 300 artist studios, the place is now home to indie-music venues, bookstores, even a robot collective—all within a few blocks of the sometimes-putrid-smelling Gowanus Canal.Well, everybody's got to get in a dig about the canal. The evidence is thin because, truth be told there just isn't that much in Gowanus, but there's more than there used to be, like Bell House and the soon-to-be Littlefield on Degraw Street, and the magazine manages to miss a few spots like the new Cabinet space on Nevins Street and several places that are in the works but not yet open.
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