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Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Renovation Has Hotel Chelsea Angry

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According to Hotel Chelsea blog Living with Legends, a long Stop Work Order was recently lifted when hotel management received permits from the Buildings Department to renovate the kitchens and bathrooms in two rooms on the second floor of the West 23rd Street landmark. One of those rooms, #211, is where Bob Dylan lived when he wrote Blonde on Blonde. The room "looked much as it did when Dylan lived there" in the '60s, according to Living With Legends, at least until this week. LWL has current photos, and we're talkin' a bit more than some tweaks to the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, the place looks trashed. It's a bit hard to tell from the artsy photo above (this is the Chelsea, after all), so check the shots after the jump for full-on Dylan destructoporn. Needless to say, the DOB is being swarmed with complaints about the work.

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