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Construction Watch: Argyle Showing Its Pattern on Fourth Ave.

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Our favorite "Park Slope" development that is actually in Gowanus--The Argyle--is really starting to show its shape and details on Fourth Avenue. The last time we looked at this baby in October, we simply noted that it was "fully erect" having topped out at 12 stories. Well, now it's not only erect but it's strutting its stuff. Look at that detail. Check out those bulging curves. The 60-unit building in what the developers somehow manage to call "Brooklyn's prized Park Slope neighborhood" while keeping a straight face comes from Meltzer/Mandl. Some 70 percent of the units are sold. That having been said, there are still about 16 units on the market although Streeteasy shows one having sold (no shit) on November 30, the first to sell since the end of August.
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