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Brooklyn Getting a Hotel for 'Neighborhood Vacationers'

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[Image courtesy of Lang Architecture]

Check out the Linden Hotel. None of that Gowanus Super 8 puke-colored brick crap here. Oh no. This is some high-end architecture. Per the Architects Newspaper, "The use of polycarbonate panels, clear glass, expanded metal mesh, and stucco cladding creates a varied composition of translucency, transparency, reflectivity, and opacity, qualities that change over the course of the day." It's designed by Lang Architecture, will have 30 rooms and is priced for budget travelers and will hopefully appeal to "neighborhood vacationers." So, where is this cool building to be located? Williamsburg? Gowanus? Red Hook? Dumbo? Noooo. It's going to be in East New York. No shit. Really. The story does call the nabe "rough-edged," but the developer says he hopes the design makes the hotel stand out from the competition. The architect says, "I’d never thought of working in this section of Brooklyn, but if you share a vision with your client and your contractor, you can build good architecture almost anywhere." And, why should East Fucking New York have a cool hotel. You think they could build one in Gowanus where every single one of them sucks in a Houston Motel 6 kind of way except for Le Très, Très, Très Bleu?
· Unveiled: Linden Hotel [Architects Newspaper]