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Real World Brooklyn People Say Red Hook Kinda Sucks

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Somehow, one senses this was coming. If anyone cares, the cast of Real World Brooklyn has spoken and they're not all hot to trot about Red Hook. Cast member Deveyn Simone says "It's just not conducive to having a job in the city - it's so far away." Also, she added, "We probably put a couple of kids of some car service drivers through college .... This is not the safest neighborhood." To which we say, ha ha, you think Red Hook with Ikea and Fairway is fucked up? You shoulda' been there in the Era of the Packs of Feral Dogs. Woof, baby, woof. A wanna-be model named Scott said he dug Ikea and a tanning salon in...Park Slope. Four of the cast members are staying in NYC. In Manhattan. [NYDN;amNY]