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Brooklyn's 'Broadway Triangle' Causes Our Brains to Freeze

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The battle over the plot of land in Williamsburg bordering Bed-Stuy that is called the Broadway Triangle is so convoluted and complicated and being fought out in the darkest and most obscure corners of Brooklyn neighborhood politics that it's enough to make one's brain stop working. Entirely. At issue is 31 acres of land. The city wants to put up 1,895 affordable units of housing there in six- to ten-story buildings. But wait. Residents held a meeting last night asking for more affordable housing in way taller buildings. One group called Churches United (which may be disolving) is calling for 20-story buildings. Per the Daily News:

Critics of the city's current plan for the 31 acres also complained that political machinations have affected the process - with connected and powerful groups being given city land as well as a deciding voice in how it's developed.People say that too much control has been given to Brooklyn powerbroker Assem. Vito Lopez and his Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center and the Hasidic group United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg. The incomprehensible arguments are expected to continue for....years.
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