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Truffles Tribeca: Pearls Before Swine

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Who's afraid of Truffles Tribeca? Big Truff's website launched recently, effectively giving the finger to the competition (Shakespearean style, natch) with an intro page of high falutin' literary quotes. Insidiously ironic, as save for the 19th century Opium bed (!?) the 291-unit luxury rental complex on the western end of North Tribeca boasts all of the de rigeur amenities as everyone else: gym, screening room, bar, game room, valet, library, and several gardens, plus retail on the Washington Street side of the property formerly known as the Jack Parker Site. January 15th is the opening date, with the first move-ins in February. Studios and one-bedroom units will go for $2,500 to $6,000. Opium den: price on request.
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CORRECTION: We've been informed that rents on studios and 1BRs will range from $2,200-$4,000 -- not $2,500 to $6,000 as previously reported.